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Enjoy a taste of Colombia Creole food with a curated Interactive Cuisine Workshop

Live a delicious experience at Santa Clara Hotel Hacienda, typical food of the region that will leave you fascinated.


When God created Paradise, he was thinking on the Heart of Colombia. Our town, Santa Rosa de Cabal where the culinary workshop experience takes place is declared as World Heritage Landscape by UNESCO.

Santa Clara Hacienda Hotel & Spa is located in the Coffee State of Risaralda, just 20 minutes away from the International Airport of Matecaña.  Our beautiful property is surrounded by Thermal Springs, National Parks, and the best routes to do trekking and biking. Our beautiful landscape is rich with coffee and birds.


The journey begins at the meeting point to pick you up in order to take our road that leads to Santa Rosa de Cabal´s Local Plaza Market. As soon as you arrived at La Plaza “GALERIA DEL PUEBLO”, you will be welcomed by the Grand Ambassador of Santa Clara Hacienda Hotel & Spa. ETA “Estimated Time Arrival”: 20 minutes

The Local Plaza Market known as “The People´s Market” is a place frozen in time. Its tradition has been around for over 80 years. The Grand Ambassador of Santa Clara will walk you through the plaza, making  a stop over one of the most iconics vendors of La Plaza where will be  found a great variety of tropical and exotic fruits. This is the spot where the Fruit Tasting begins, taking your spirit and mind over all the farms and growers of our region. Once you finish the Fruit Tasting, the Grand Ambassador of Santa Clara will guide you to other merchants’ spots within La Plaza in order to purchase the Ingredients to prepare the SANCOCHO SANTA CLARA.  ETA “Estimated Time Activity”: 60 minutes

Once you have grabbed the Sancocho’s ingredients, the Grand Ambassador will lead you to the beautiful Santa Clara Hacienda Hotel & Spa, where you will start an Open Fire Pit to cook the Sancocho Santa Clara´s Recipe. You will be guided and assisted by the Santa Clara´s Cooks at every moment during the Culinary Workshop experience.

While the Sancocho is cooked on the fire with a great smoky taste at the end of the procedure, you will be taught on one of the most iconic meals of the coffee region, “Las Arepas”, that are corn meal pockets. This traditional food can be baked, fried or grilled.

The Grand Ambassador of Santa Clara recommends having “La arepa” with a local made “Chorizo”, a seasoned, ground pork sausage, by the way, the best one of Colombia.

You will prepare a side dish salad that accompanies the Santa Clara´s Sancocho Broth. All the vegetables used for the salad are harvest in the Santa Clara´s Orchard.  Finally, do not think!  You are not going to taste a fresh Juice made out of the Exotic Fruits in Season. .ETA “Estimated Time Activity”: 120 minutes

Enjoy your Culinary Experience that will rest in your emotional memory for ever….

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